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S.P. Eng Associates LLC is a family owned professional leasing and property Management Company. We provide the leasing and management of rental homes and multi-unit properties in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area of Montgomery County, Howard County, Historic Downtown Frederick, and the City of Alexandria. We are recognized independent residential property management and leasing company in Montgomery County. We pride ourselves on providing our customers and clients with the utmost professionalism, knowledge, and support.

My family and I have been renting with S.P. Eng Associates, LLC since 2014. We have lived in two of the apartments rented out by this company and the leasing process went fairly smoothly. The apartments we lived in were in Downtown Frederick, which is a nice neighborhood with many shops and restaurants within walking distance. The apartments were in great condition when we moved in and if we had any maintenance issues with the apartment, issues were handled/resolved very quickly.
Nilda Floriza

I’ve lived in four different properties owned by S.P. Eng Associates, LLC — and there’s a VERY good reason for that!! I’ve never experienced such warmness and care from landlords in my life. Not only do Sam et. al. respond to repairs, requests, and messages in a professional and ultra-timely manner, but they also go out of their way to be friendly, engaging, and go the extra mile to make sure that their tenants are comfortable and happy. Their properties are absolutely beautiful, deliciously cozy, and astoundingly affordable.
Devin Gaither

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02Convenient Locations

We own properties in the Washington D.C, Metropolitan area of Montgomery County, Howard County, Historic Downtown Frederick, and the City of Alexandria.

03Online Maintenance Request and Billing

Our online maintenance request and rent payment portal make thing more convenient and allows us to quickly get any issues resolved.

04Expert and Professional Maintenance 

S.P. Eng Associates have the advantages of an in-house repairs and contracting service which handles the “Property Management” of repairs.

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S.P. Eng Associates, LLC is a veteran owned business that specializes in residential leasing and residential/commercial property management. Our primary function is that of identifying good tenants and protecting the properties income through lease enforcement.

  • Samuel P. Eng, Owner/Director
  • Anna M. Eng – Administrator/Leasing Agent
  • Megan T. Hirt, Esquire-Admitted in DC/MD/VA
  • Alexander Hirt – Advertising
  • Maxwell Eng (Canine), Guard

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