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S.P. Eng Associates LLC is a real estate management and development company located in Montgomery County Maryland acting as agent for the Owner/Landlord working to protect and promote the interests of the Owner/Landlord. However, the company policy is to treat all parties honestly, equally, and fairly.

Thank you for considering us for your housing needs. Please follow this information to make and expedite your rental offer. Please contact this office for further assistance.


– A. No verbal offers are accepted. Offers to rent shall be made by written/electronic application form our website www.willowriverproperties.com. All applications must be COMPLETE, SIGNED and ACCOMPANIED BY THE PROCESSING FEE to be considered for approval.

– B. All adults (18 years or older) must complete a rental application, shall pay a non-refundable application fee of $55.00 at the time of electronic submission. All persons, adults and children, who will reside at the property must be listed on the application.

– C. The full security Deposit is due in certified funds at the time the lease is signed. All application payments are made payable to S.P. Eng Associates, LLC

– D. Owner/Landlords may choose not to accept co-signers or pets.


  1. At the discretion of the owner or the agent, priority of placement of an applicant’s offer to lease may not be given to an applicant who has not viewed the subject rental property in person.


  1. Applicants are screened on a first-come, first-qualified basis with consideration for the most favorable offer in terms of the amount of rent, lease commencement date, and length of lease offered. When any qualified offers are equal the Owner/Landlord shall consider the offers in the order they were received. All offers are subject to the review and approval of the Owner/Landlord.


  1. Credit & income/employment history shall be provided for a period of at least 24 months, and housing history and references for the preceding 5 years are required. Judicial records, public records, and criminal background checks are included in the credit report/screening process. Satisfactory references are sought in all areas. Written explanations may be provided by an applicant if desired for the owner/landlord’s consideration with applications.


  1. All applicants shall provide a photo copy of a current driver’s license or other valid photo ID and proof of income (current pay stub or other supporting documentation). If self-employed, copies of Federal Income Tax Returns for the preceding 2 years are required.


  1. Information that is fraudulent or omitted can cause a rental offer to be considered null and void.


  1. No more than two applicants’ combined incomes are used to qualify. The combined income should not be less than 40 times the monthly rent amount (annual rent = 30% of gross income).


  1. If you do not intend to take possession of the home in its current condition, or you have any special

requirements, terms, clauses, conditions, or contingencies that are the basis for your offer to rent the premises, you must state any in advance, in writing, on the application for consideration as the offer.

The owner shall be responsible for only those items negotiated and written into a lease.


  1. An application that is missing signatures, or fees/deposits, or is materially incomplete, will not be given consideration for priority of placement. All incomplete applications will be counted as received when they are remedied.


  1. Applicants are entitled to review, in advance, the lease form they will be required to sign. (For sample leases go to, www.willowriverproperties.com)


  1. Applicants shall sign the lease within three (3) business days following the application approval notification, or priority of placement of their offer will be forfeited.


  1. Tenants must obtain a RENTER’S LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY prior to move-in.


  1. A property offered for sale and for rent simultaneously is subject to removal from the rental market upon the acceptance of a sales contract.


  1. A property shall be considered available for rent until a lease is signed by all the lessees and executed and shall be understood to be under a “contingent” offer until such time.


  1. This office utilizes a Credit Reporting Agency for credit & criminal background checks. No credit report may be accepted from an applicant in lieu of a current report obtained by this office.


  1. Pets are considered on a case by case basis. Requirements for dogs: A current picture(s); current veterinary confirmation of Rabies/distemper vaccinations, spay/neutering status, pet’s name, age, and description/breed; also, pet license and/or pet chip registration number. An additional security deposit amount (minimum $100.00 per pet) and additional rent (minimum $25.00 per pet) may be required by the owner and a general liability insurance policy. Please make a written request for an accommodation for any service animal(s) under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Service animals for authorized leasehold occupants are not subject to additional deposits or additional rent.


  1. Lease terms generally provide for rent increases to occur in subsequent years of a lease.


  1. All move-in payments must be in certified funds. One full month’s rent installment is due at move-in. Partial month’s are pro-rated based on a daily rent of 1/30 of the monthly rent. Pro-rata rent for 7 days or less is due in addition to the first full month’s rent, in advance, at move-in

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