Application and Leasing Documents

Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

Download a lease to see what is inside. We don’t want you to have any surprises.


Complete an application to get started living in a new home.

Lease Agreement

Download a lease to see what is inside. We don’t want you to have any surprises.

Smoke/Vape-Free Policy

Smoke/Vape-Free Policy – All of our properties are smoke free to keep you and others safe. We believe that even second-hand smoke is detrimental to your health and the CDC agrees with us. Visit the CDC website to learn more about Smoke-Free Policies.

Pet Agreement

We know pets are like family and they too require a place within your lease. Download the pet agreement for consideration in your rental.


You must submit an application for us to validate your interest in a property.

Applying for a lease is a procedure that will take several necessary steps on both of our parts.

To further your interest in the property you will want to fill out the application and pay for processing the application/credit check. If this was not done at one of our showings or at our “open house”, please apply here on our website

  • S.P. Eng Associates LLC is the Payee. You will be emailed the receipt once the transaction has occurred
  • We will make a decision within 5 business days or sooner on whether you qualify for the property.
  • Once approved we will generate the Lease and its terms for signature.
  • A Standard Lease Agreement is also downloadable and editable

Filling Out the Application

The first step, of course, is filling out the rental application. It’s a good idea to do this as soon as possible since we will continue showing the property until someone has officially applied. On the application you are expected to include all of your personal information, including your social security and driver’s license number, along with employment information and references.

Application Fee

Applying to lease a property also generally comes along with a few different fees, some refundable and some not. Our application/processing fee is $55 and is nonrefundable. This is used for your credit check/report for which you may request a copy of. Payment of this fee must be provided at the time the application is submitted, otherwise the application will NOT be considered. For qualified individuals, a security deposit is required to hold the property until the Lease is signed which may be applied to the security deposit.

Proof of Income

We require you to provide proof of income. It’s a good idea to bring two or thee recent pay stubs along when looking at or applying to Lease our property so you have that proof on hand. Some will accept a W-2 form as proof instead of pay stubs as long as you’ve held the job for more than a year.

We may also call your employer for proof of employment, and may ask questions about you personally and your salary.

Credit Check

When applying to lease our property, you will also have to provide us permission to check your credit. The credit check is really important for us because it gives us an idea of how financially responsible you are. If you don’t have credit or have new credit, it’s a lot harder for us to make a determination of your dependability, so it’s a good idea to talk to us about it at the time of application if there are any factors that may have any negative effect on your credit. We may ask you to provide a co-signer/renter and proceed on the basis of the co-signers/renter’s credit.

Landlord References

We will do an extensive check on your rental history by speaking to your past landlords. If this is your first time renting, we will have to rely only on your personal references. References outside of your family (e.g. college professors or employers) will more accurately provide us an idea of your work ethic, responsibility and other important character traits.

Co-signer Application

Co-signers or guarantors are people who sign the lease with you, saying they take legal responsibility for covering your rent if you can’t. Providing a co-signer is a good idea if you’re a first-time renter for several reasons. For one, if you don’t have a rental history, we won’t have any information about how dependable you are with rent or if you have caused damage before. Furthermore, we may also request a co-signer if you have poor credit or if your income isn’t more than three times the cost of the rent – a pretty typical income rule that landlords use.

The Lease

When your rental application gets approved, you will then be able to sign the lease!

Everyone on the Lease will have to be present to sign the Lease, and the co-signer will need to sign their own agreement as well. The Lease covers expectations for the term (typically for 12 months at a time), rent, pet deposit/fee (Our Pet Fee is a non-refundable amount of $100.00 and requires an additional pet “rent” of $20/month), maintenance, subleasing and a variety of other aspects of renting (e.g. utilities)

Expect the lease-signing process to take some time, since you’ll be covering so much. You are welcome to review our “standard” Lease at the top of this page. We will likely require the Tenant(s) to pay the first month’s rent, and any move-in fees, and or security deposits at the time of signing. Subsequent rents will only be accepted electronically through eRentPayments with which we will provide you the Username so that you may access your payment account through our website.

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