All of our repair staff have either tested negative for COVID-19, have no symptoms of COVID-19, and/or been vaccinated.

S.P. Eng Associates has the advantage of an in-house repairs and contracting service which handles the “Property Management” of maintenance and repairs. This department provides the advantages of one-stop shopping to our customers and clients. We can provide timely response to the largest or smallest repair or improvement needs.

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Our contractors offer first-hand description of repairs, avoids the risk of loss or damage by unknown or unqualified contractors, and provides “peace of mind.” Our clients know that contractors are vetted to service their property. Our contractor are knowledgeable about the landlord’s needs and are able distinguish between normal wear and tear, damages, or tenant negligence. They look for preventative maintenance issues and special needs which warrant special handling or follow-up. We know it is more than a normal service call, and aim to be hassle-free.
I’ve lived in four different properties owned by S.P. Eng Associates — and there’s a VERY good reason for that!! I’ve never experienced such warmness and care from landlords in my life. Not only do Sam and respond to repairs, requests, and messages in a professional and ultra-timely manner, but they also go out of their way to be friendly, engaging, and go the extra mile to make sure that their tenants are comfortable and happy. Their properties are absolutely beautiful, deliciously cozy, and astoundingly affordable.
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